Building You Up

How It Works – 3 Options

Have you ever heard anyone say its as easy as 1. 2.. 3…
We show you how easy it really is.
We offer you 3 options.


No Risk

Sell us your premises for a fast cash injection and no stress.


1 – 2 Months – A cash sale is the fastest way for a cash return.

Guarenteed – The funds are secured very quickly but this is not as much return as any of the other options.

Hassle free – Straight forward hassle free process. Nothing else to worry about.


Medium Risk

We take care of everything for you and in return you give us a percentage of the profits at sale.

6 – 12 Months – This process takes longer than the cash sale option.

Better returns – The returns are better for this option but due to the work that is required, this can take a little longer. Also the returns are not as much as a build joint venture.

Can be stressful – Planning process can be stressful and complicated.


High Risk

We take care of everything and in return you give us a percentage of the profits at auction.

1 – 3 Years – This option takes the longest amount of time to complete and therefore the longest to see any returns.

Higher returns – This option is the best option for the greatest possible returns.

Complicated – This is the most complicated option involving strict and monitored management of all the processes inviolved. This includes planning, building, the works and sales.


To help make this process a simple and easy, e cover all the fees and expenses so you don’t need to.

Legal Fees

Finding solicitors and paying legal fees is not great, so we will do it for you. Giving you more reasons to choose Airspace Developers.

Planning Permission

Measuring the premises accurately, making architectural drawing, paying the architect, submitting drawings to the council, filling paperwork, making sure everything is up to code, planning fees and the list goes on.

Building Costs

Construction is never cheap, but you wont need to worry about that because we have got it covered. Our highly skilled inhouse team brings drawing to reality.


If you choose to go to auction with planning for a wuick turnaround then we will cover all fees there too. Anything you incur with the build, we take care fo for you.